about pumped up kicks [x] - you know what, yeah, it did surprise me that the song took off because… when the song’s started to break, just on blogs, and it’s started to catch some real attraction, I remember walking into rehearsal with my band, with my hands on my head, just saying: "I can’t believe this is the first song that people are gonna hear from us".
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"Sure. Yeah, I think that’s a human emotion that everybody probably feels sometimes. Especially where my life is at now, look how it’s changed over the last year. There’s definitely times when I just wanna disappear, I’m so exposed and there are so many people who want something from me, want to talk to me, want me to take a picture, want me to sign something, want me to touch them or whatever.. As extroverted as I am, I’m also very private and I love being anonymous. So I went to Thailand for a week before we started this tour, just by myself, and it was great because nobody knew who I was, I could walk around and not worry about being looked at or whatever. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for someone like Lady Gaga or Tom Cruise, you know! I’ve only gotten a small taste of what it’s like for them"

—Mark Foster when asked if he “sometimes wants to disappear” (via marksmangochicken)
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Inspired from “Call It What You Want” MV.